Work shoes with a protective toe cap

Attention!!! When choosing a size, we recommend using the size grid in the product card photo! For greater convenience, we recommend cutting off the label and storing it under the insole. If you received a different size or damaged product, write complaints to Wildberries. Model-M-903p Men's and women's work shoes summer and demi season, from the Russian manufacturer Moderam. Men's and women's work shoes, suitable for outdoor work in the summer and demi-season periods. Work shoes are suitable for working in the following areas: automotive industry, assembly plants, housing and utilities, landscaping, trade, warehouses, retail, transport and communications, interior construction and finishing works, repairs, services, etc. Safety shoes ensure the circulation of air and water vapor, eliminating the occurrence of the greenhouse effect. The hygroscopic lining of work shoes maintains an optimal microclimate and provides ventilation, removes moisture vapors in a timely manner. it helps to avoid overheating and sweating feet. The impact-resistant 200 J polycarbonate sock protects your feet from industrial injuries and bruises. Lightweight sole of special shoes, resistant to chemicals – oils, oil, petroleum products. The inner layer of the sole of half-boots has shock-absorbing properties. It has excellent mechanical properties, dampens shock loads, and also makes shoes easy and comfortable to use. Men's and women's running shoes provide increased wear comfort for the wearer due to their light weight, flexibility, breathability of the upper and removal of excess moisture from the foot. Workers ' loafers have a high wear resistance, resistance to abrasion and wear, the upper material has a special thermal thread in the composition, which prevents the appearance of hooks and peeling. Men's and women's work shoes are easy to clean: sneakers can be washed regularly with detergents at temperatures up to + 40°C. Middle shoe fullness, provides a tight position of the foot in shoes and fitting the heel part. Work shoes reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system during prolonged standing work. Insole with a "memory" effect, reduces the load on the feet at the points of greatest pressure. It removes excess moisture from the foot, does not support reproduction of bacteria. The sole of the textile sneaker is resistant to slipping on wet and oiled surfaces. Demi-season Modernam shoes are made in a universal stylish design that is suitable for men and women. Men's and women's work shoes meet the requirements of GOST and meet the European standards standards. When choosing our products, you choose work shoes that will not only protect your feet, but will also last you a long service life. To choose the right size, please refer to the actual foot length shown in the size chart. Attention! Work shoes for men and women are not included moisture-proof and moisture-proof. To choose shoes for the season, focus on your own heat exchange and susceptibility to cold. A certificate for shoes is issued if you have a purchase receipt. We will be grateful for your feedback.
product weight with packaging (g)
1200 g
shoe sole material
double-layer: polyurethane (PU) thermal polyurethane (TPU)
spring-summer 2023
yes; stable pad
package height
15 cm
fullness of shoes (eur)
f (6)
HS code
packing width
30 cm
country of manufacture
weight (g)
1000 g
package length
40 cm
shoe lining material
textile 100%
insole material
three-layer foam with memory effect
sole height
1.5 cm
purpose of shoes
work shoes; safety shoes; casual
closure type
lacing up
work shoes - 1 pair
demi-season; summer; year-round